Haven't written in a while? 

Revisit your old poetry and see what's changed!

Submit your new or rewritten poem for a chance to win a cash price!

Terms & Conditions

Participants may submit up to two (2) unpublished poems in a Word document (.doc/.docx) and email them to Must include name, age and any social handles you'd like to share.


Grand Prize: $150, Runner-Up: $75


beats & beats with dionamic.

Beats and Beats, a space for music exploration and makeup experimentation.

We hope to build a network of qommunity members from every skill level, walk of life, and identity to a future healing project celebrating the power of makeup and music through digital art. “Beat”, a term popularized in queer culture by the early ballroom performance scene, is used still to give high praise among beauty enthusiasts in the industry. When someone is “beat”, the makeup is applied extraordinarily from top to bottom, boosting confidence and creating an overall look. - Dionamic