mend: delusion.

Because too often we delude ourselves into believing that our mental health and wellness are not a priority.

Delusion aims to address and explore mental illness and people’s relationships to shame, anxiety, and depression. More importantly it aims to highlight the effects of the social conditioning of men (especially men of color) to withhold vulnerability and emotion, and to raise awareness for mental health and wellness for all gender identities. This project is in honor of both my uncle and a close family friend taking their own lives in August and November of 2019.

More details coming soon.


beats & beats with dionamic.

Beats and Beats, a space for music exploration and makeup experimentation.

We hope to build a network of qommunity members from every skill level, walk of life, and identity to a future healing project celebrating the power of makeup and music through digital art. “Beat”, a term popularized in queer culture by the early ballroom performance scene, is used still to give high praise among beauty enthusiasts in the industry. When someone is “beat”, the makeup is applied extraordinarily from top to bottom, boosting confidence and creating an overall look. - Dionamic



"The wound is where the light enters". - Rumi


COURAGEOUS was (another) healing project that explored the relationship between sexual orientation, identity and religion and/or spirituality among those who identify as queer or part of the LGBTQ community.  Participants were photographed and interviewed about their experience reconciling their orientation with  the religion and/or spiritual practice that they were raised in, as well as what they choose to believe and follow at the present moment. 


This project was featured in The Hartford Courant's 'The Thread' editorial. 

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