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A Creative Healing Project

Mend is our latest curated healing project and is exclusively dedicated to exploring themes related to experiences with mental health and mental illness. This project aims to:

1) Produce a digital and print magazine that centers individual and communal experiences with mental health through photography, creative writing, other visual art and candid interviews &

2) Facilitate a wellness festival and exhibition to:

  • highlight local mental and communal health and wellness resources

  • display submitted artwork to encourage communal reflection &

  • celebrate the artists who submit to Mend magazine

Cry Baby CD
Permanent Vacation Cover Art
Clown Polaroid

Mend invites participants to reflect on their personal and communal mental health and wellness by creating art that explores themes including (but not limited to):

  • Depression, Anxiety, other Mental Illnesses

  • Shame & Guilt

  • Identity & Perception

  • Vulnerability

  • ​Isolation

  • Insight & Perspective

  • Grief

  • Community

Sponsored by Artist Corps & The Arts Council of Greater New Haven. More details coming soon. 

Project Details

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