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About Qommunity


Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Qommunity is a platform and incubator that celebrates art, cultivates healing projects, and encourages fellowship among and within the local queer community and throughout the tri-state area.


Qommunity seeks to design and support projects that facilitates opportunities for creative engagement. We encourage curiosity, action and awareness toward social issues that impact the most marginalized among us (i.e. people of color, queer and trans people, people with disabilities and others), and support black and brown queer creatives who also tend to the community that they live in.


What we’ve done so far has been made possible through communal support by way of grants, donations and online/in-person sales of Qommunity’s original merchandise.


Qommunity invites collaborations with emerging artists to create content and merchandise and produce contests and events that empower our local and expanding community.

Qommunity was founded by Ashley LaRue, a New Haven native and artrepreneur. Ashley enjoys doodling, live-tweeting reality television and eating hot wings. Ashley also engages in community work as a member of the East Rock House team, as well as through the collective Places To Go.

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